It is all connected

Before patients start upper cervical chiropractic care, they often ask:

  • How can adjusting just my neck make my low back feel better?

  • How can a misalignment in my neck cause my shoulder to be frozen or my jaw to be locked?

  • Why does this adjustment have such a big affect on my nervous system?

This week, a large majority of patients in the office under the care of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique experienced low back pain / symptoms while being out of alignment in their neck. One patient that was holding their adjustment - and didn’t need an adjustment- reported feeling a strength they hadn’t felt to their core and center. It is all connected!

This isn’t a surprise to the chiropractor that practices upper cervical adjusting and analysis, but it could use explaining to those that don’t get to see these results daily.

The primary focus of upper cervical care is the top two bones - C1 and C2- in the neck, just under the skull. Being so unique, they have been given names: C1 is named Atlas because it holds your world -brain- up and C2 is named axis, because it allows C1 to rotate around an axis allowing us to turn our heads more. This mobility in the top of the neck, what medical doctors refer to as the craniocervical junction, is why there is less stability. A trained chiropractor can give it the special attention it needs with upper cervical care.

To answer some of the questions new patients have without going into a full blog post about anatomy and physiology, the righting reflex is how low back pain can be alleviated by adjusting the neck. Additionally, movement of the jaw, shoulder and other structures in the upper body often have muscles that insert on the bones and in neck and share nerves. Basically: it is all connected.

If you or someone you know has had a health issue or concern that hasn’t improved or responded with current treatment:

Under One Roof at 1844 Market

When the practice opened earlier this year, it was a fortuitous happening that I found CustomFit’s studio available for rent. It was the perfect size for an exam table, the upper cervical table for Blair adjusting and a resting chair.

When the doors of Equipoise Chiropractic opened in March, I knew the trainers and their clients would understand full-spine adjusting and peripheral joint adjusting - but would they see the benefit in upper cervical care? I’m thankful to say, as of August, many of their clients have experienced the benefit of the combination of care offered at Equipoise: improved athletic performance, better sleep and a brain better connected to its body.

Beyond just the chiropractic care that the practice offers, what is offered under our roof at Studios 1 and 2 is phenomenal for clients looking to make their health a priority.

CustomFit is a personal training gym with one-on-one training or two-on-one training. Having watched the trainers work the last couple of months - they do a great job not only helping clients meet their health goals, but they do it safely. Additionally many of them incorporate balance, flexibility and mobility into their programs. Being able to get holistically fit is key.

CustomFit also has staff to offer nutrition advice - which is great. There are key pieces of nutrition advice patients get while at their chiropractic appointment to take home, but sometimes folks need more help. The best thing is that the nutrition advice CustomFit offers can be as unique as their clients’ needs: meal plans, Q&A, on-going services, etc. Nutrition is such a huge component of health and gives the body the resources it needs to heal that it is great to have nutritionists here at 1844 in the Studio 2 space

The studio space beside Equipoise Chiropractic in Studio 1 houses something just as unique to Pilates as the Blair Technique is to chiropractic. Rebalanced SF offers Redcord active suspension training! This uses a complex system to add in difficulty and remove compensations to help both those doing rehab on an old injury or elite athletes trying to continue to refine and improve their performance.

A physical therapist recently added his practice to the offerings of 1844. Dr. Waterman not only has done extensive training in physical therapy, but has gone on to earn additional certifications and training that help identify imbalances and a person’s unique compensation, and address those to improve the entire body, postural restoration certification. It is another great pairing that takes the individual into consideration and pairs amazing with chiropractic care.

Over the course of the year- the teamwork at 1844 has produced amazing health outcomes for our clients. By addressing each person as an individual with their own unique goals, challenges and unique anatomy, we get people living the life they want. It is an honor to be able to be the provider of chiropractic care, upper cervical and full body, at 1844.


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Find out more about CustomFitSF for personal training and nutrition services.

Read more about RedCord for Pilates and Redcord suspension training.

Find out more about the Blair Technique offered at our office.

Why waiting is worse

Has your neck ever been sore after looking down at your phone the whole BART ride home?

Has your walking felt off or has your low back pain stuck around longer than you’d like?

Why haven’t you gone to a chiropractor for an exam? Time. Money. Not sure how they help.

San Francisco is home to many startups and companies that continue to grow and thrive. That is in part to a work culture that focuses on getting stuff done and “shipping it.” But employees (and the companies they work for) need to make sure health and wellness are a priority. Preventative care often allows for quicker appointments and a lower expense to the patient. That is why it has to be a priority to leave your desk to see your healthcare team. If time or money is a reason you’re debating care, get into the offices of your healthcare team sooner for either preventative care or when your body is giving you early signs it needs care.

A majority of the US population has their first experience with the medical profession at birth, through childhood and into adulthood. We are educated that medical doctors and nurses can see us regularly, but especially when we have symptoms or are sick. We also learn that we can go to the optometrist for our eyes, the dentist for our teeth and the chiropractor for our neck and back pain or dysfunction.

Just like your medical doctor, dentist or optometrist, you can go to the chiropractor for preventative care. You can also go before you’re an adult. Pediatric chiropractic visits, just like the ones with other providers, vary based on the patient’s age and health. You don’t have to wait to see a chiropractor until you’re older or tweak your back.

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, especially one that providers upper cervical care, consultations are key. Consultations at Equipoise Chiropractic can be scheduled complimentary for in person or setup over the phone. That is when potential patients interested in having their pain treated, looking for preventative care or want to optimize their performance can have their questions answered prior to starting care

Book your consultation today to find out if you can be living a better, healthier life.


There was an ah-ha moment this week while educating the community about upper cervical chiropractic care that is both preventative and maintenance.

Have you sat at your desk for hours without taking a drink of water or getting up to stretch? Have you lost sleep at night because you were either doing work on a deadline or because your mind couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow? I’ve been there, too. We all have - especially if the work we are doing is related to something we are passionate about.

Self-care is a hot term now, often marketed as a luxury. Self-care isn’t a luxury, but is a necessity that is essentially self-investment. Think about your body from now on as a bank account. Are you going into health debt or making dividends?

Health debt is when you don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep. It also comes from not getting enough nutrition from your food or drinking enough water to stay hydrated. It comes from the lack of movement and sensory input. Health debt also comes from not having your nervous system free of interference and fully functioning to coordinate your body.

Health dividends is allowing your body to heal exponentially in your sleep. It is eating foods beyond the consideration of calories and more focused on vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and that makes you feel your best. One of the most important things you can do is ensure your nervous system is functioning at 100% by not having misalignments of the spinal column. Not having your nervous system would be like earning $5 of interest with a healthy diet and paying $8 in bank fees by your body functions not being coordinated well.

Your health wealth is unique to you. There is no panacea or magic pill. The answer and solutions that work really well for some won’t work well for others. Just like investing: everyone’s situation is different. Our bodies are no different. That is why the best chiropractic care, nutrition advice, exercise routine and stress relief should be unique to you.

If you want to increase your vitality, consider using the Blair Upper Cervical Technique along with the other health decisions and investments that you make in yourself. At Equipoise Chiropractic, a detailed health history and exam helps give us an understand of your health up to that point and to determine if you are a candidate for care. Patients can then be referred to have advanced imaging to see how their unique structure fits together and where it is misaligned. Measurements then allow the doctor to determine how best to correct the misalignment gently.

Health Independence

We then don’t really think about our independence and health until our loved ones start getting older. We start to see their journey into it being more difficult to do simple activities of daily living (cleaning up the house, getting dressed, etc.), they are tired and feel pain. How did they get this way? Is this what we can all look forward to?

The answer: not always.