Under One Roof at 1844 Market

When the practice opened earlier this year, it was a fortuitous happening that I found CustomFit’s studio available for rent. It was the perfect size for an exam table, the upper cervical table for Blair adjusting and a resting chair.

When the doors of Equipoise Chiropractic opened in March, I knew the trainers and their clients would understand full-spine adjusting and peripheral joint adjusting - but would they see the benefit in upper cervical care? I’m thankful to say, as of August, many of their clients have experienced the benefit of the combination of care offered at Equipoise: improved athletic performance, better sleep and a brain better connected to its body.

Beyond just the chiropractic care that the practice offers, what is offered under our roof at Studios 1 and 2 is phenomenal for clients looking to make their health a priority.

CustomFit is a personal training gym with one-on-one training or two-on-one training. Having watched the trainers work the last couple of months - they do a great job not only helping clients meet their health goals, but they do it safely. Additionally many of them incorporate balance, flexibility and mobility into their programs. Being able to get holistically fit is key.

CustomFit also has staff to offer nutrition advice - which is great. There are key pieces of nutrition advice patients get while at their chiropractic appointment to take home, but sometimes folks need more help. The best thing is that the nutrition advice CustomFit offers can be as unique as their clients’ needs: meal plans, Q&A, on-going services, etc. Nutrition is such a huge component of health and gives the body the resources it needs to heal that it is great to have nutritionists here at 1844 in the Studio 2 space

The studio space beside Equipoise Chiropractic in Studio 1 houses something just as unique to Pilates as the Blair Technique is to chiropractic. Rebalanced SF offers Redcord active suspension training! This uses a complex system to add in difficulty and remove compensations to help both those doing rehab on an old injury or elite athletes trying to continue to refine and improve their performance.

A physical therapist recently added his practice to the offerings of 1844. Dr. Waterman not only has done extensive training in physical therapy, but has gone on to earn additional certifications and training that help identify imbalances and a person’s unique compensation, and address those to improve the entire body, postural restoration certification. It is another great pairing that takes the individual into consideration and pairs amazing with chiropractic care.

Over the course of the year- the teamwork at 1844 has produced amazing health outcomes for our clients. By addressing each person as an individual with their own unique goals, challenges and unique anatomy, we get people living the life they want. It is an honor to be able to be the provider of chiropractic care, upper cervical and full body, at 1844.


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