Why waiting is worse

Has your neck ever been sore after looking down at your phone the whole BART ride home?

Has your walking felt off or has your low back pain stuck around longer than you’d like?

Why haven’t you gone to a chiropractor for an exam? Time. Money. Not sure how they help.

San Francisco is home to many startups and companies that continue to grow and thrive. That is in part to a work culture that focuses on getting stuff done and “shipping it.” But employees (and the companies they work for) need to make sure health and wellness are a priority. Preventative care often allows for quicker appointments and a lower expense to the patient. That is why it has to be a priority to leave your desk to see your healthcare team. If time or money is a reason you’re debating care, get into the offices of your healthcare team sooner for either preventative care or when your body is giving you early signs it needs care.

A majority of the US population has their first experience with the medical profession at birth, through childhood and into adulthood. We are educated that medical doctors and nurses can see us regularly, but especially when we have symptoms or are sick. We also learn that we can go to the optometrist for our eyes, the dentist for our teeth and the chiropractor for our neck and back pain or dysfunction.

Just like your medical doctor, dentist or optometrist, you can go to the chiropractor for preventative care. You can also go before you’re an adult. Pediatric chiropractic visits, just like the ones with other providers, vary based on the patient’s age and health. You don’t have to wait to see a chiropractor until you’re older or tweak your back.

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, especially one that providers upper cervical care, consultations are key. Consultations at Equipoise Chiropractic can be scheduled complimentary for in person or setup over the phone. That is when potential patients interested in having their pain treated, looking for preventative care or want to optimize their performance can have their questions answered prior to starting care

Book your consultation today to find out if you can be living a better, healthier life.