Dr. Grey believes that part of the job of any doctor is to educate and work within their community. Here are a few examples of how we do that:

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Public Speaking

Dr. Grey feels that an important part of being a doctor is educating others and regularly speaks at schools, community organizations and businesses. He offers health talks to help companies and small businesses meet their wellness initiative needs. He meets with People Operations and Human Resource benefit managers to gear the talk and meeting around their specific needs. Topics can include:

  • Work posture, stretching and spinal hygiene

  • Making sense of eating well: diet, fasting and supplementation

  • Pillars of Health and prevention

  • Stress Management


Dr. Grey is in the peer-review process of having two papers published and is working on submitting a third as of 2019. He is currently working on additional case studies and always welcomes other chiropractors or research enthusiasts that would like to collaborate on research to reach out and discuss. Topics of Interest Include:

  • The craniocervical junction (CCJ), upper cervical chiropractic care and its role in overall human health and performance

  • Chiropractic care and its role in improving quality of life

  • Case studies related to concussion, meniere's disease, vertigo & fibromyalgia 

  • Topic papers on health issues specific to the LGBTQ community




Dr. Grey is a long time member of the Blair Upper Cervical Society and currently the chair of the membership committee. He continues to volunteer and learn the advances and updates by his involvement with this non-profit.

As an alumnus of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Grey is still heavily involved in mentoring current students and talking to those considering chiropractic as a profession.

Dr. Grey is a member of the International Chiropractic Association.

Locally, Dr. Grey is a member of the Castro Merchants and enjoys being a small business owner and shopping local whenever possible.


Dr. Grey is proud to be living and working in San Francisco. When he isn’t in the office seeing patients or speaking in the community about chiropractic, he is volunteering on issues that are important to him:

  • Health and wellness promotion at any age

  • Chronic disease & quality of life improvement

  • Affordable housing and community building

  • Public Transit and bike infrastructure