There are over 1000 chiropractors in San Francisco - why would I want to start care here?

The goal in the office is to return our clients to optimum function. Dr. Grey meets you where you are at on the health spectrum: trying to get out of pain and stop suffering symptoms or trying to stay well and focus on the upkeep of your health. Everyone is welcome in our office. Our office was built on being different, and we know our clients have found the right place.

Complete Care

Dr. Grey pairs the Blair Upper Cervical Technique with other techniques to gently adjust the rest of the spine, pelvis and extremities (arms, hands, legs and feet) when necessary. He can address all your chiropractic needs.


Throughout Dr. Grey’s chiropractic education, he completed additional training with the Blair Upper Cervical Society, the Council on Extremity Adjusting, National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and studied advanced imaging. He completed clinical requirements prior to receiving his license which earned him the position to receive hands-on training from the Chair of Technique for the Blair method. When not seeing patients, Dr. Grey continues to train and educate himself in addition to publishing research to help educate and train others on the benefits of upper cervical care.


Clients start chiropractic care in their own unique way. Some are referred by those already under care while others have never seen a chiropractor but are looking for a solution or alternative to their health concerns. Dr. Grey focuses on making sure you feel heard and understand the benefits of chiropractic care and gives resources to empower everyone to live healthier, happier lives.

Because of the busy lives we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Grey designed the practice to be as convenient as possible to ensure clients can get the care they need and want. Prospective clients can book phone consults online to find out more about the office and care. New and existing patients can book their exams online quickly and easily. Dr. Grey also responds quickly to emails and returns calls as quickly as possible between taking care of clients.


Dr. Grey ensures his practice is open to all. He has created identity-affirming, non-judgemental environment so people feel welcomed and heard regarding their health history and individuality. Chiropractic care can be life changing and access to that care should be comfortable for people of any background. Regardless of a person’s health issue, what makes them unique should always be celebrated.

Open to All

A network to help

Dr. Grey has worked to build an extensive network of professionals to ensure clients have a holistic team to address their needs. Chiropractic helps address the body’s neurological interference, corrects misalignments and gets the body moving how it was designed. Dr. Grey receives referrals from other professionals when they can’t address a patient’s needs. When additional care is necessary, Dr. Grey has working relationships with others who can help:

  • Naturopathic Doctors

  • Acupuncturists 

  • Nutritionists

  • Massage Therapists

  • Dentists

  • Physical Trainers

  • Dietitians

  • Counselors

  • Orthodontists

  • Physician Assistants

  • Osteopaths

  • Therapists

  • Medical Doctors

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Health Couches

  • Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Other Chiropractors