Dr. Grey ( he/ him / his) became a chiropractor to help people live better lives: whether they start that journey in pain or just want to optimize their health and performance.

Dr. Grey’s first interest in chiropractic came from attending regular chiropractic visits with his mom. At the time, they both thought chiropractic helped only when you had symptoms. Many years later, while working at a healthcare technology startup, Josh developed low back pain. He was referred by a coworker to see a chiropractor who only adjusted his neck. After his adjustment, Josh no longer had low back pain and was surprised that by having only his neck adjusted, his low back issues could be resolved.

After realizing he wanted to have a more meaningful impact on people’s lives, Josh went back to school to become a healthcare provider. 

Dr. Josh Grey is licensed by both the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in California and Washington State. He has completed additional training in the Blair technique from the Head of Technique for The Blair Upper Cervical Society and from an expert in the head and neck, the craniocervical junction.

When he isn’t in the office seeing patients or out educating the public about health and the role of chiropractic care, he is spending time with his family, working on health goals, and reading.