The care we offer clients: unique and always gentle.

Blair Upper Cervical Care:

For candidates of upper cervical chiropractic care, the Blair Upper Cervical technique leverages advanced imaging and methods to determine your proper alignment, based on how your unique anatomy fits together. In addition to the specific analysis of the misalignment, there is no twisting, cracking or popping for this kind of care.

Full Spine Adjusting

Candidates for full spine chiropractic care may or may not be under Blair Upper Cervical Care, too. Full Spine adjusting allows the spine’s segments to move like they are supposed to, allowing for the musculoskeletal system and neurology to function in an optimal way.

Chiropractic care is beneficial for those with musculoskeletal complaints such as neck and back, but also good for those without symptoms that want to battle the effects of text neck and long hours of stressful work.

Peripheral Adjusting

Often called extremity adjusting or sports chiropractic, adjusting of the appendicular skeleton (arm, leg, hands & feet) can be extremely beneficial for those that are candidates. Candidates may have had long healed injuries that require adjusting to allow the arm or leg to move the way it was meant to. This form of care can also be beneficial for those that don’t play sports but that rely on their bodies to do their work.

Pregnancy & Pediatrics

Back pain and other health concerns definitely come up with those that are pregnant, but chiropractic can be beneficial for parent and baby! Prior to pregnancy, chiropractic care makes sure the body is in proper alignment and function to get pregnant. Next, while your body is shifting and changing during pregnancy, it is important to ensure the pelvis (and the rest of the body) is changing properly to prepare for delivery.


Area’s Served

Dr. Grey’s office is centrally located and falls within the borders of several San Francisco neighborhoods. It is easily accessed by BART, MUNI train, bus, bike and the freeway.

Hayes Valley: At the southernmost border of Hayes Valley located between Venn Apartments and the LGBT Center, Equipoise Chiropractic is on Market Street. A loading zone is immediately in front of the office for people taking Uber or Lyft to get to the office and bike racks are located outside the office to secure your bike.

Castro & Market Street: A short walk from the Church St & Duboce Ave and the Metro Church Station, clients can take the L, M, K/T, S, J or M to get from as far as downtown or the outer avenues for care.

Duboce Triangle & The Haight: Clients living or working in the Duboce Triangle can get to the office with a short walk. Clients coming from The Haight can take the 6/7 or 21 bus to get closer to the office, or take a quick Uber to be dropped off in the front of the office.

The Mission: Clients coming from the mission can use 16th street BART of the 14 bus to get from The Mission to the office on Market Street.

East Bay: Patients coming from the East Bay or further can navigate to I-80 West, cross the Bay Bridge. After exiting, the freeway puts you very close to the practice and street parking is available.

Daly City and South Bay: Patient coming from the South can use both 101 and 280. After exiting, the freeway can put you pretty close to the practice and street parking is available.